supported 802.11a pcmcia cards

Aidan Whyte aidanwhyte at
Wed Jan 26 03:27:36 PST 2005

Hi everyone, I'm back to bug you a bit more unfortunately :)

I've been looking at 802.11a pc-cards for freebsd, but I'm rather confused as to what exactly is 
supported. Under the ath driver, there's a list ( ) 
of supported cards, with a note at the end saying an up to date list can be found here ( ). The confusion arises because far more cards 
appear in the atheros list - in fact, it appears like it may be the entire atheros range of wireless 

So, is the list in the ath man page exhaustive for currently supported ath cards, or should I work 
off the link when checking to see if cards are supported?


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