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Kris Maglione bsdaemon at
Tue Jan 18 18:41:59 PST 2005

Sam Leffler wrote:

> Kris Maglione wrote:
>> Sam Leffler wrote:
>>> You've provided zero useful information so I've been ignoring your 
>>> winging.  Regardless you are comparing apples and oranges.  The NDIS 
>>> driver supports several hardware features that the open source 
>>> driver does not.  At least one of those, XR mode, can be a 
>>> significant factor in the extended range performance you see.  The 
>>> other critical factor is that the NDIS driver has an excellent 
>>> transmit rate control algorithm while the onoe rate control code is 
>>> little more than a noop.  I've solicited better algorithms for 
>>> almost 3 years but noone's stepped up. I cannot do one because I am 
>>> familiar with several proprietary algorithms and so "tainted".
>> Sorry, I haven't provided any useful information, because I don't 
>> know what information to provide.
> I don't recall seeing os version, chip id info, hal version, or any 
> relevant basic config info (hint dmesg has useful bits).  Past that 
> look in /usr/src/tools/tools/ath for the athstats program.  It is what 
> I mostly use in understanding what's going on when problems crop up.

I forgot the os version in my first message, so I posted it in reply to 
the first reply. I'm not sure of the chipset, but I posted the 
vendor/model. I should have found the chip id info, that's my fault, I 
admit. I've searched this list, though I didn't look past the first page 
of results, since I only just realized that there was a pager at the 
bottom of the results. The images of the numbers are somehow easy to 

Not that I should be posting this at this point in this thread, but now 
I can't get the device to associate using the ath driver. I've tried 
every combination of loading/unloading the driver, ejecting/inserting 
the card, booting with the past two things. I've tried every combination 
of mode, channel, and ssid, but it still won't associate. Don't bother 
responding to this blurb unless it's something common and stupid (on my 
part, probably).

> I'm pretty sure this question has been answered numerous times on the 
> mailing lists so checking back postings is a good idea.
>     Sam

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