fujitsu-siemens lifebook p7010

Gianmarco Giovannelli gmarco at
Thu Jan 13 23:18:33 PST 2005

At 14.53 13/01/2005, you wrote:
 >On Thursday 13 January 2005 03:05 am, Gianmarco Giovannelli wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> Is there anyone that has some feedback on this laptop ?
 >> I'd like to buy onw but I could'nt find any info on the web nor on the on
 >> the Fbsd laptop survey:
 >> The s6120 has some problem with 5.x and the s7010 hungs on freesbie 1.1 :-)
 >> so before buying I'd like to know something more if possible ...
 >> Thanks ...
 >If freesbie is hanging on boot, then it is probably because just like my 
 >the DMA doesn't work right on the CD drive and you need to disable DMA for
 >the CD drive.  "set hw.ata.atapi_dma=0" at the loader prompt.  You might 
 >to check here if you haven't already.

Thanks fro your answer and sorry for my double post. I wrongly resend the 
message twice :-)

Btw the problem was a little different. It hangs on pcmcia card too, i.e ....

Then I presume it has also the iussue with X screen at 1280x768 (but I 
don't arrive to the X step).
If it is like the little vaio that continues to stay at 1024x768 with two 
black bar on the sides ...

Thanks again for you answer


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