Best pcmcia wifi card?

Dmitri DB dmitridb at
Fri Jan 7 13:40:23 PST 2005

I have just gone through two different wifi cards for my laptop and
they both didn't work for freeBSD. The first one was a d-link DWL-600
(i think) and I could only get it working through ndiswrapper, and
even then I wanted one with monitoring mode. For christmas I asked for
an orinoco card because I was told they are good, but again, I got one
that is unsupported under freeBSD and no monitoring mode (It's a
proxim a/b combocard that isnt even supported by proxim anymore)

Anyways, I need some suggestions. Can anyone suggest a good pcmcia
wifi card that both works under freeBSD and has monitoring mode? My
primary aim for using it is probably just for finding access points
and the like so one that supports monitoring mode is a must.

Thanks in advance!

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