Experience with Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop?

Eric Schuele e.schuele at computer.org
Wed Jan 5 09:20:52 PST 2005

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> I'm thinking of buying a Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop.  I have a number
> of Dells, and on the whole I'm happy, but I've had "issues" before.
> Can anybody who has one of these machines (1150 only, please) tell me
> good or bad things about it?  Have you been able to get the internal
> wireless card to work?
> Greg

I think the 1150 ships with either a truemobile 1350 or 1450 (your 
choice).  It's my understanding (from a quick google) that those are 
still broadcom devices.  I had a Truemobile 1300 (Broadcom), and had to 
use NDISulator to get it running.  That was with 5.2.1.  Haven't looked 
into it much but I think NDIS is built into the kernel now??  Not sure.

My point is... you may have to use the windows drivers with a wrapper to 
get it to work.  It worked well... but I was running from windows to 
begin with.

On the other hand... I've switched to an Atheros based miniPCI card 
which works quite well with 'device ath'. I can give you a link if your 

So you might dig around and try to find out positively whose card those 
miniPCI devices are.



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