Adding Sierra AirCard support from OpenBSD

M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Feb 28 04:07:31 GMT 2005

In message: <c6bf25505022712063f44f83 at>
            James Earl <jamesd.earl at> writes:
: Hi,
: I'm trying to port OpenBSD's support for the Sierra AirCard's over to
: FreeBSD.  I don't really know what I'm doing... but I just had to give
: it a shot.  I have three AirCard 555's at the moment.
: I have confirmed that these cards do work with OpenBSD 3.6.
: I've basically focused on these files:
: /sys/dev/pccard/pccard_cis_quirks.c
: /sys/dev/pccard/pccarddevs
: /etc/pccard.conf
: I'm not sure if I'm missing some additional files that have required
: changes or not.  From searching through previous posts on this topic,
: it sounds as though one subscriber nearly got it working (see
: Resources below).  I imagine if he had his hands on the OpenBSD
: changes he would have gotten it to work.  I'm guessing this is
: probably amazingly easy for somone who knows what they're doing.
: My diffs can be found here:
: I'm not exactly sure what to put in /etc/pccard.conf:
: card "SIERRA" "A555"
:     config auto "sio" ?
: Upon booting I get:
: pccard1: using CIS quirks for Sierra Wireless, AirCard 555, A555, Rev 1
: pccard1: CIS version PC Card Standard 7.0
: pccard1: CIS info: Sierra Wireless, AirCard 555, A555, Rev 1
: pccard1: Manufacturer code 0x192, product 0xa555
: pccard1: function 1: serial port, ccr addr 700 mask 73
: pccard1: function 1, config table entry 32: I/O Card; irq mask 3fbc;
: iomask 0, iospace 3f8-3ff; io8 irqlevel
: pccard1: Allocation failed for cfe 32
: pccard1: No config entry could be allocated

Looks like you have another serial port using 3f8-3ff (which is
generally COM1).  I've had communications with insiders that say other
serial ports would also work...  I've have no time to integrate
things, however.


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