Thinkpad 600e interrupt storm

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Fri Feb 25 00:55:06 GMT 2005

Matthew N. Dodd wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Karel Miklav wrote:
>> I wasted couple of months configuring my TP 600E. However, I was 
>> determined to get a notebook with FreBSD and I was willing to 
>> sacrifice some resources. You should probably take a break now and 
>> think about how much does it mean to you. Then if you decide not to 
>> give up, reset the BIOS, reset your BIOS and don't forget to reset 
>> the BIOS then start systematically playing with PS2. Check out Linux 
>> sites with TP600E info, there is a Debian guy who's figured it out. 
>> And yea, your notebook will never be fully functional under FreeBSD, 
>> do you realize that?
> Oh hush.  Mine works fine.
> If you like you can use this:
> And the smapi(4) driver to display the device config of your 600E.  I 
> think you've got something misconfigured.
Hi Matt,

This looks pretty cool. Let me see if I understand what I am suppose to 
do with this. I download it and untar it ( done ). Then I saw the 
makefile. So I am thinking I should become root cd to the directory 
where the make file is and run make install clean and then read the man 
smapi pages and attempt to follow the instructions contain therein.


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