snd_sb8 sound blaster PRO

kalin mintchev kalin at
Wed Feb 23 09:22:29 GMT 2005

thanks...  but it didn't work...

i have compiled the sound and snd_sbc devices in the kernel and load the
driver via the loader.conf.
kldstat says snd_sb8.ko is loaded.
the volume control doesn't work and i tried it with the default cd player.
the player works fine and it plays the cd but no sound is coming out of
the speakers....

any other ideas?

thanks again...

> On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 05:13:20AM -0500, kalin mintchev wrote:
>> hi all....
>> ok..  trying to build sound kernel support on a t30 thinkpad with
>> 5.3-RELEASE.
>> according the ibm website the card is Sound Blaster Pro compatible.
>> according to the /boot/defaults/loader.conf the driver is snd_sb8
>> so following the instructions in the handbook i put this in my custom
>> kernel
>> device     sound
>> device     "snd_sb8"
>> make depend is ok. make stops with this:
> [snip]
>> linking kernel
>> sb8.o(.text+0x11): In function `sb_lock':
>> : undefined reference to `sbc_lock'
>> sb8.o(.text+0x29): In function `sb_unlock':
>> : undefined reference to `sbc_unlock'
>> *** Error code 1
> Take a look at the src/sys/conf/NOTES file; the comment that describes
> snd_sb8 also says 'to be used in conjunction with snd_sbc'.  Try adding
> a device "snd_sbc" line to your kernel config file, see if it helps :)
> Also, there may be no need to compile the sound driver into the kernel.
> If you have not defined a MODULES_OVERRIDE variable in your environment
> or your /etc/make.conf file, then, by default, the kernel building
> process will also build all modules.  All that you need after that is to
> either manually issue a 'kldload snd_sb8' command, or add to your
> /boot/loader.conf a line saying:
> snd_sb8_load="YES"
> documented in the loader.conf(5) manual page.
> Hope that helps!
> G'luck,
> Peter
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