Choosing to install turns off laptop. HD is untouched.

Mark A-J. Raught mraught at
Tue Feb 15 00:35:35 GMT 2005

Astrodog wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:59:59 -0500, bsdnooby <bsdnooby at> wrote:
>>When I try to install FreeBSD, my brand new HP Pavilion laptop turns
>>itself off.  It does not matter if I use 4.x or 5.x, CD or floppies.
>>There is no error log since it just shuts off after I choose to load a
>>kernel.  I have tried loading with ACPI off, and it does not help.  I
>>believe I tried all the kernel options available from the menu on 5.x.
>>The computer is a HP Pavilion zv5445us, with 512MB RAM, P4-3Ghz, 100GB
>>HD, 15.4" Hi-Def Screen, 54G 802.11b WLAN.  I purchased it from Best Buy.
>>Under Windows, it appears Hyper-Threading is turned on, and I have not
>>found a way to turn it off inside the CMOS.
>>The machine runs Windows XP Pro fine, but I am trying to switch to
>>FreeBSD on all my boxen.  I was really surprised to find this one
>>abruptly shutdown when trying to do the install.  It turns off before
>>the install really starts, so I do not have much information to solve
>>this problem.  The HD is never touched.
>>Any suggestions?
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> Just on a whim, try the R3000Z patches to see if they fix this. I've
> heard rumors that the issue extends past the AMD64 Compaqs and HPs. I
> think there's an ISO out there with most of them merged.
> Assuming this relates to P4s, as well as the AMD64s, once again, I
> think we should consider this a -mobile problem, not an -amd64 one.
> --- Harrison Grundy
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I agree. I am currently looking for a laptop and took a FreeSBIE 1.1 CD 
with me to several places (Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, and 
others...) and every Compaq or HP machine (not just AMD64, but every 
one!) shutdown when I tried to boot. It didn't matter which selection I 
made from the boot prompt, they all caused a shutdown. I didn't have a 
version with the mentioned patches, but it would definitely open up my 
choices in laptops if they fix this problem. I would think this would be 
a higher priority to fix than it is. I was very surprised when I started 
looking around for information and saw that this has been a problem for 
quite some time. Unfortunately I don't have the experience to fix this 

Please note I am NOT knocking FreeBSD in any way. I run 5 on my current 
laptop (it is fantastic) and 4.stable on several desktop and servers 
(also fantastic... the OS, not my ability to run it). I really 
appreciate all of the hard work that everyone does for the OS. I just 
thought with the popularity of HP/Compaq machines that this would be 
fixed quicker than it has.

I'll have to try the FreeSBIE CD at work and see if this problem exists 
on desktop HPs.


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