6-STABLE, ath, wpa_supplicant/dhcp and suspend/resume problem.

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Thu Dec 15 12:30:27 PST 2005

George Hartzell wrote:
> Sam Leffler writes:
>  > [...]
>  > Please send me your wpa_supplicant.conf file offline and I'll see if I 
>  > can recreate what's going on.  It may be something specific to WEP 
>  > though I can't imagine why.
> Hi Sam and -mobile,
> I've been poking around looking for clues to my problem [IBM T42p,
> 6-Stable, ath0 doesn't work after a suspend/resume cycle] and have an
> observation that might be a clue.
> I've been running /etc/rc.d/netif restart ath0 to get the interface
> working again.
> I've discovered that if I suspend/resume, then run an
>   ifconfig ath0 scan
> as root the already-running wpa_suplicant wakes up.
> Using wpa_supplicant w/ -d flags and watching ktrace/kdump -l output,
> it looks like when the machine resumes wpa_supplicant starts a scan
> but it blocks.  Running a scan elsewhere seems to break it loose.
> Does anything in that observation give you a clue as to where I might
> look next?

I've had no time to look.  You want to see what's going in the net80211 
layer in the kerrnel.  Use wlandebug (aka 80211debug) to enable things 
like scan and state debug msgs; that should tell you what's happening.


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