Can WDS talk to regular access point?

Gary Corcoran gcorcoran at
Mon Dec 5 13:24:59 PST 2005

I apologize that this is not a FreeBSD-specific question, but
I tried researching on the 'net and couldn't find a definitive
answer, but somebody here may be able to give me a quick 'yes'
or 'no' ...

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a WDS (Wireless
Distribution System) Access Point (AP) can talk to any regular
AP, or only another special WDS AP ?  A WDS AP is one that
can 'extend' your wireless coverage by not only serving wireless
clients, but also connect over-the-air with another AP.  To
connect with another AP obviously requires a special WDS AP.
But can your 'main' AP, that the WDS connects to, be any regular
AP?  Or does it need special firmware to be able to understand
how to talk with the 'remote' WDS AP?

Specifically: I'm thinking of buying a Compex NP28G unit
( ),
and NOT using it as a access point, but rather plug things into
its USB ports and have it wirelessly connect with my existing Linksys
AP(Router as an AP), which ties into my (FreeBSD-based) home network.


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