long flight; need battery power!

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Fri Aug 26 07:55:51 GMT 2005

Dan Langille wrote:
> In September, I'll have a couple of long flights.  I'll be using my 
> IBM ThinkPad T41 to catch up on some long delayed FreshPorts 
> enhancements.  Apart from charging whenever I can, I'm afraid I'll 
> get only about 140-150 minutes from my battery.
> Apart from buying a second battery, any ideas?

Turn off wifi and all networking and turn down the screen brightness to 
the absolute minimum.

Use the console (and not X), kill all unnecessary daemons. This will 
increase the chance the the CPU can enter low consumption mode while you 
ponder your code.

That said, I doubt this will buy you much, probably less than half an 
hour. You can always try recharging the battery in the toilet using the 
shaver socket :)


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