kismet and atheros

Michal Mertl mime at
Wed Aug 24 20:35:28 GMT 2005

Brad Schonhorst wrote:
> I have been using an iBook since OS X came about but recently decided it
> was time to give BSD a try.  I picked up a new TINY Fujitsu P7010 and now
> have it running FreeBSD 6 - current circa July
> Wireless support was obviously a must for the laptop ( hence running
> CURRENT to get support for my Atheros card. )  As someone new to BSD
> wireless I was wondering if you guys could share with me some of your
> favorite tools for wireless use.  I have been somewhat frustrated with the
> steps I currently take to discover new wireless access points.
> To get wireless access:
> 1) Run Kismet, find some SSIDs that are open
> 2) Reboot!  I can't seem to get my card out of Promisc mode otherwise

You can control promiscuous mode of a running card with ifconfig ath0
[-]promisc. The card may end up also in monitor mode. You can disable
monitor mode with ifconfig ath0 mediaopt -monitor.

> 3) run ifconfig ath0 ssid = ENTERNAME (other commands as needed)
> 4) run dhclient
> Are there any other options, I'd like to avoid rebooting after running
> Kismet.  I feel like I must be missing something.  ifconfig destroy won't
> work for some reason, I'm guessing its because the entry comes from Kismet
> rather than the ifconfig create command.  Any other tools to see what
> access points are floating around out there?
> I understand the bsd airtools contains dstumbler but it won't work with
> the Atheros chipset.  Curious though, do you need to reboot after using
> dstumbler?
> I've configured the kernel with ath_rate_onoe, using ATHEROS 5212 Super AG
> card.
> -brad
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