FreeBSD Wireless Access Point using Cisco 350 Wireless LAN Adapter?

Chris Buechler cbuechler at
Fri Aug 12 03:01:50 GMT 2005

On 8/11/05, Archimedes Gaviola <agaviola at> wrote:
> Hello and good day! I am Archimedes S. Gaviola of InfoWeapons Corporation
> from Cebu, Philippines. I'm a Network Engineer and currently deploying a
> FreeBSD wireless box using Cisco 350 wireless LAN adapter. This PCI wi-fi
> LAN card was detected to FreeBSD-5.4 system with an an0 interface. Now, I'm
> planning to make this box as a wireless access point, could this be
> possible?

No, the 'an' chipset does not support hostap.  'wi' and 'ath' cards
do, possible some others as well, check the driver man pages ('man 4
wi', etc.).


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