Kernel Panic when detaching USB Hub on Thinkpad A30p

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at
Sat Sep 25 09:48:20 PDT 2004

В сб, 25/09/2004 в 17:28 +0200, Jochen Gensch пишет:

> when I plug out my Thinkpad A30p from its docking station I get a kernel 
> panic. I have figured out, that it's an usb issue, since this also 
> happens, when I only detach my usb hub from the docking station.
> So I don't know where this kernel panic output is written down, thus I 
> cannot poste it if anyone could give me a hand :-)
> System is a 5.3-BETA5

This problem was discussed in current@ mail-list.
Proposed patch helps me.

(see attached message from current at

> Jochen

Vladimir B. Grebenchikov
vova at
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