Acer TravelMate 290

Markie mark.cullen at
Sat Sep 25 02:01:18 PDT 2004

Is it an ALi chipset? Does it have an agp return.. 6 on boot? Last time I
tested my old TravelMate 212TX it worked with a patch to agp_ali.c,
otherwise it wouldn't boot (and still doesn't in 5.3-BETA5) unless I used
safe mode.

That's not the exact patch I used, but I think it fixes the same problem. I
am going to try it later today.

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| Hi everyone,
| Anyone got FreeBSD installed in to Acer TravelMate 291LCi?
| I tried to install various versions of fbsd, but unfortunnely - no
| Installation hang on scanning IRQ's
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