5.2.1 can't load xl0 driver

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Tue Sep 14 08:40:33 PDT 2004

In message: <20040914094326.GC809 at empiric.icir.org>
            Bruce M Simpson <bms at spc.org> writes:
: On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 06:42:43PM +1000, adslvmlg at tpg.com.au wrote:
: > After I installed 5.2.1 on my IBM Thinkpad A21P, the system didn't recoganize my
: > 3Com network card during installation. After I reboot the system, the xl0 3Com
: > NIC showed up, and I ifconfig it, and my network is blocked, I can't ping any
: > computer within my network. And then I reboot the system again, the xl0
: > disappeared again. And the system keep doing this to me.
: This is a well known issue with the 3Com NIC chips, where they won't
: come out of a PCI D3 power state properly and lose their PCI configuration.
: It can happen across reboots. It often affected me when using an IBM
: ThinkPad T22.  See xl(4) for more details.

But the current pci code saves and restores the standard pci
configuration registers because D3 -> D0 state transitions are defined
to reset the device, including things like the BARs in the pci
standard.  Is that not sufficient?

Of course, this code went in AFTER 5.2 was branched.


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