install hangs on IBM Thinkpad X23

Dan Pelleg daniel at
Sun Oct 3 18:05:25 PDT 2004

Dru <dlavigne6 at> writes:

> On Sun, 3 Oct 2004, Dan Pelleg wrote:
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>> I'm about to update that page for -5.X. On my 2662-E5U I successfully
>> installed 4.5, some early 5 release (either 5.1 or 5.2.1), and
>> 5.3-beta3. All of them from a USB cd-rom, none of them while docked. I
>> don't recall ever seeing that error. So at this point I tend to think it's
>> something that can be fixed by changing some BIOS option. Possibly along
>> the lines of:
> Yes, I suspect it is a BIOS option. Unfortunately, my current BIOS doesn't
> have the particular option listed in the above URL.

That was meant just as an example. That particular thread is about the
X31. [Incidentally, I can confirm it does solve a problem on the X31. But I
never had this problem on the X23.]


> Not having too much joy at that site. The only MS machine I have access to
> at the moment is 2000. Internet Explorer was hanging on the "I agree" popup
> box; now I can't even get it to give me the popup box. Grrr. I downloaded
> the file no prob in BSD and sneaker-netted it over to 2000 but I get a
> 16-bit MS-DOS subsystem illegal instruction message whenever I try to run
> it. Zippo extraction.

As of last week, on Win2K it Worked For Me (TM). All I can suggest is:
complain to IBM.


  Dan Pelleg

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