Atheros-Based Issues with Kismet Not Hopping

Fish fish at
Sun May 30 08:11:40 PDT 2004

On Monday 24 May 2004 01:25 pm, you wrote:
> On Monday 24 May 2004 07:43 am, you wrote:
> > Since I can't seem to get the old Prism2 Orinoco gold card I have into
> > monitor mode to save my life, I'm looking at the new B/G ones they have,
> > specifically the Proxim 8470-WD which is, I believe, an Atheros chipset.
> > According to the driver, you wrote (well, adapted) it.  And from the
> > looking I did, it should support monitor mode.  I'd just like to confirm
> > it before I drop almost $90 on a new card.  Have you heard of anyone
> > getting one of these to work with Kismet under FreeBSD, or at all?
> $90 is too much; you can them for much less.  The ath driver supports
> monitor mode and I did the kismet support so know it works with -current. 
> Understand however that the ath driver is not production quality; you be
> better to stay with a Prism-based card if you don't require other features.
> > BTW, I did get that last command to work fine, so the card does seem
> > perfectly happy going into monitor.  I tried building the pcap port to
> > overwrite the system base and then Kismet wouldn't build.  Should I have
> > done something differently in the configure?  I just threw in
> > --enable-syspcap, both with the regular base system pcap and with the
> > port.
> You should not have changed libpcap; only tcpdump.
> 	Sam

I rebuilt my system a few days ago and have kismet (sort-of) working with my 
new ath-based 11b/g Proxim card.

The problem is, according to it, it's not channel-hopping.  I have it set to 
true in my config, and the velocity is set to 5, and when I start up the 
server it says...

Enabling channel hopping.
Disabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (wtapg): Enabling monitor mode for radiotap_fbsd_b source interface 
ath0 channel 6...
Source 0 (wtapg): Opening radiotap_fbsd_b source interface ath0...
WARNING:  pcap reports link type of EN10MB but we'll fake it on BSD.
This may not work the way we want it to.
WARNING:  Some Free- and Net- BSD drivers do not report rfmon packets
correctly.  Kismet will probably not run correctly.  For better
support, you should upgrade to a version of *BSD with Radiotap.

According to it, it's hopping.  If you fire up the client and hit L, it says 
"server does not have channel hopping enabled".  If you fire them both up at 
once by just running kismet, you can also hit H, and it'll say it's allowing 
the source to hop channels.  Hitting L again gives you the earlier message 
that it's not able to hop.  If you run the client and server seperately, the 
message you get from hitting H does not show up on the client interface, but 
it shows up in the output from the server.

I have an access point right behind my laptop that should be broadcasting away 
like mad, but the card isn't picking it up.  The best I got was the first 
time I fired it up, it picked up a garbage packet.

The behavior is the same between the version in ports and the latest devel 
snapshot from the web site.

Any ideas what I do now?


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