DWL-650 & Kismet [was Re: Orinoco Wireless Card and Monitor Mode w/ Kismet - No Longer Working?]

Alan B. Clegg alan at clegg.com
Tue May 25 08:06:36 PDT 2004

What I've discovered is the following:

By default, Kismet prints out the error as given:

Source 0 (prism2source): Enabling monitor mode for radiotap_fbsd_b source interf
ace wi0 channel 1...
Source 0 (prism2source): Opening radiotap_fbsd_b source interface wi0...
WARNING:  pcap reports link type of EN10MB but we'll fake it on BSD.
This may not work the way we want it to.

since datalink_type=pcap_datalink(pd); does actually return DLT_EN10MB.

HOWEVER, inserting code to enumerate available link types produces:

EN10MB (Ethernet)  IEEE802_11 (802.11)  IEEE802_11_RADIO (802.11 plus BSD radio information header)

[display code stolen directly from tcpdump]

Farther down in Kismet, the datalink is forced to DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO as

        (void) pcap_set_datalink(pd, DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO);   

This is all fine and good, but does appear to show some change in the
way data link types are returned to pcap (perhaps?)...

Now, my problem.  I have an up-to-date CURRENT system and all seems
to work well, with one exception.  When started, kismet_server proceeds
to eat all available CPU without producing the correct located networks.  

I ran kismet (from ports) directly on a 5.2.1 (from ISO) install and
it did not display this behavior (I'm working on putting together
another system to try to reproduce the problem).

Might anyone have a clue as to where I should start looking to see
what is going on?

I'd really like to retire my Linux box that I use for wardriving, but...

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