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Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Fri May 21 13:40:24 PDT 2004

Dan Langille <dan at> scribbled:
> It's just so sickening. It gets me right in the gut.
> My laptop was stolen from my car today over lunch. It was an IBM 
> ThinkPad T22 (serial 786NKZP).
> It wasn't just the hardware. There was a notebook with it too. And 
> two wireless nics (Orinoco Gold and Silver), a PCMCIA modem, plus a 
> Linksys PCM100 10/100 Integrated PC Card. That's what sucks. It's the 
> little pieces.
> Ugh.
> -- 
> Dan Langille :
> BSDCan -

Lets start the ``Buy Dan A New Laptop Fund''. Hey if PHK can do it... ;)

How about it, Dan? What kinda dent did it put for the tangible goods?
(And my condolances for the inherent loss of the intellectual goods
which are always more difficult to replace.)

Kind regards,

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