Intel PRO/100 CardBus II

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| On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 01:25:01PM +0100, Markie wrote:
| >
| > The cards I am looking at are also 32 bit (the dongle ones). I was just
| > wondering if I will get any kind of major performance loss using 16 bit
| > cards. I can only find a Realport1? card (just says realport) and
| > 16 bit... and so is this FA410 card if I was to get a dongle for it
| > instead.
| Performance of 100Mbps Ethernet with 16-bit cards pretty much sucks.

I thought as much :o) I won the Intel card on ebay yesterday. Not sure if I
got any kind of deal on it for £7, they can probably be picked up cheap now
I imagine but I couldn't find anywhere in the UK.

| They'll attach to a 100Mbps network just fine, but the amount of data
| you'll be able to put through them will be much, much less, and probably
| consume a lot of CPU cycles with it.  If you're not doing anything
| network-intensive, or only connecting to 10Mbps networks, this might not
| matter to you.

Well it's all 100Mb here at home. I would much rather have good 100Mb
support even if I aint on a 100Mb network :o)

| However, if your laptop has CardBus slots and you're running FreeBSD 5
| CardBus support in 4.x), you'll probably be a lot happier with a 32-bit
| card.

Well I am hoping to get 5.x installed. It probes some cardbus thing (cbb0
or something), so I imagine it has although really other than that I have
no idea. I can get it running via FreeSBIE 1.0 (5.2.1-R) in safe mode, but
I can't seem to run a proper FreeBSD installer release thing (even in safe

I am now trying to make a -CURRENT install CD with an AGP patch I appear to
need.. that might help things out a bit, as the installer apparently wants
agp.ko? loaded I think, which causes it to panic... I am pretty sure it's
trying to load some module anyway... and without this ali_agp.c patch
loading any module will panic the machine :o)

I will let you know how it goes, whenever my hard disk arrives, and maybe
this patch I found could be added to the tree or something. Looking at the
code it probably should be anyway but then I am no uber god coder person
:o) Maybe one day...

Oh, when it's running it seems to work alright. Sound works straight off
with FreeSBIE and the touchpad works alright :o) closing the lid puts it
into some kind of suspend that I can't seem to get out of though :o( It's
half way there atleast :o)

| Scott


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