Toshiba Satellite Freezing Problems

Bob McDonald freebsdmob at
Tue Mar 30 06:26:05 PST 2004


I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me at least narrow down what the
problems I am having on my laptop might be.  Ideally someone will say, "Oh I
had that, this is what you did wrong dummy," but google hasn't been much help
to me so far.

The background:

Japanese Toshiba Dynabook Satellite 1800 SA10AP/4 -
This has been updated from 128Mb RAM to 384Mb RAM but the problem happened
before the upgrade too
4.9-Release - custom kernel with acpi (power management) and pcm0 included
XWindow manager - I have tried Gnome and KDE and it has happened on both and on
my current one - Ion

The Problem:

I think there are actually two problems, but both of them involve the machine
freezing leaving me unable to do anything.  Just to answer a question that I've
gotten before I tried ctrl-alt-backspace to no avail.

1) When I play video (both MPlayer and xine) the display will sometimes get a
seemingly random bright colored pattern on it and the machine will stop
responding.  This seems to be more likely to happen as the machine has been
used for a longer amount of time, and particularly if a video has been played
before.  I'm not sure if it is related but with the same things increasing
likelihood the player will sometimes put up a bright green screen with letter
shadows on it and play only the sound.

2) If I leave the machine on at night it will sometimes freeze up on a screen
saver or blank screen, and the machine will not respond.

both of these problems require me to switch the power off an on again.

Anyone have any ideas?


P.S. I noticed just now that my gkrellm CPU temperature monitor (no idea if it
is accurate or not) says that my CPU temperature is at 70c.  I have never
noticed it being that high before, but that could be the cause.  I have thought
before that it may be acpi not functioning quite right causing the problem as
my battery life went way down when I installed FreeBSD too.  If anyone has any
ideas about straightening that out it may solve the problem indirectly.

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