Help with a Dell wlan card

Manfred Riem mriem at
Wed Mar 24 13:52:02 PST 2004

Hi there,

> I'm having alot of problems trying to get a Dell True Mobile 
> 1150 card to work on my FreeBSD installation.
> I've found some tips which told me to add the following to my 
> loader.conf
> hw.pci.allow_unsupported_io_range=1
> hw.cbb.start_memory="0x20000000"
> But when I insert my card I only get the following message. 
> (Before inserting the line above I got a message saying that 
> it couldn't allocate any memory so atleast it seems better).
> end (ffffffff)> sc->memlimit (403fffff)
> wi0: <Dell Truemobile 1150 series PC Card> at port 
> 0x100-0x13f irq 11 function 0 config 1 on pccard0
> wi0: timeout in wi_cmd 0x0000; event status 0x8000
> wi0: timeout in wi_cmd 0x0000; event status 0x8000
> : init failed
> device_probe_and_attach: wi0 attach returned 6
> I would really appreciate any help you would be able to give me.

You might want to try to use Project Evil. Search the 
freebsd-hardware archives for directions on how to do this. 
I've got it working for my Dell True Mobile 1300. Not sure
If it uses the same NDIS driver though.

Manfred Riem
mriem at

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