Project Evil and Dell TrueMobile 1300

Manfred Riem mriem at
Sun Mar 21 14:44:46 PST 2004

Hi Bill,

> No no, it's 'Hi Bill.' See where it says "Bill Paul" all over the
> place, not "Paul Bill?" Read it. Learn it. Live it. Damn it.

I stand corrected. Sorry about doing that to you.

> > I've tried to get Project Evil working for my Dell True Mobile 1300, which
> > is using the 'bcmwl5.sys' driver. I have got it compiling and ended up with
> > the if_ndis.ko file.
> > 
> > Upon loading it tells me
> > 
> >   link_elf: symbol bus_alloc_resource_any undefined
> > 
> > Note that I have done this using 5.2.1 and copied the files as you
> > suggested in a email on the freebsd-hardware list.
> > 
> > Any hints? I know that it is almost impossible to debug this, but
> > can you give it a try? If you really need access to it, please contact
> > me offlist.
> Apparently the bus_alloc_resource_any() function was added recently in
> -current as a replacement for bus_alloc_resource() that uses less
> arguments, and _every_ _single_ consumer of the bus_alloc_resource()
> API was updated to use it, including the NDISulator. All it does in this
> case is break backwards compatibility with 5.2.x though, so I have backed
> the changes to the NDISulator code out. Download if_ndis_pccard.c
> and if_ndis_pci.c again and recompile, then it should work.

Got it working on 5.2.1! Thanx a lot.

Manfred Riem
mriem at

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