Trying to get CardBus to setup my BAR0

Craig Swanson cswanson at
Thu Mar 11 08:59:18 PST 2004

I am trying to get my CardBus card to have BAR0 setup properly.

When I push in the card my laptop "sees" the card.  When I look at the configuration space,
I don't see BAR0 setup correctly.  I have set the CIS CardBus pointer to x40 which should
tell the Cardbus controller in my Toshiba laptop to read the tuples in my config space starting
at address x40.  Is my CIS pointer correctly set to x40?  I know that the bits CIS[2:0] need
to be 0 to tell the cardbus controller to look in config space.  Then CIS[27:3] should be x40 for
the address.  Then that must mean that the CIS[31:0] should be x200.  Either setting doesn't setup
my BAR0.  I am pretty sure my tuples are correct, unless there is a very simple tuple that someone
has used that for sure sets up BAR0 with any sort of address.  I am not confident that the 
CardBus controller in my laptop is reading the CIS, then going to address x40 in config space.
How can I tell for sure?

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