PowerNow in mobile AthlonXP

llewelly at xmission.com llewelly at xmission.com
Thu Mar 11 07:21:38 PST 2004

"antic_eye" <info at antic-eye.de> writes:

> Hi there,
> I googled all the web for a solution, so I hope you could help me. I
> have a PackardBell Laptop with a mobile athlon xp inside. I installed
> FreeBSD 5.2.1 3 weeks ago and everything works fine. Even the screen
> flickering under x I fixed (it lasts me one week :o)).
> My problem is, that I dont know how to trottle the cpu frequency. Linux
> has the cpufreqd. Is there anything appropriate in BSD? ACPI is up and
> running (expect the StandBy mode - it doesn't work)

Read 'man acpi' and search for 'speed' . You want to read about two


I have a very different laptop (dell inspiron 5k w/pentium III at
    600mhz), but I can throttle my cpu clockspeed by:

    # sysctl hw.acpi.cpu.performance_speed=1
    hw.acpi.cpu.performance_speed: 8 -> 1

'sysctl -a | grep acpi.cpu' is also useful.

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