bridging problem

Alejandro 'Lanjoe9' Valenzuela lanjoe9 at
Wed Jun 2 23:06:41 GMT 2004

Hello everyone, I've got a bridging problem...
after much effort, I managed to make the 3com 3CRDAG675 card work under 
FreeBSD 5.2 -current, thanks to Sam Leffler's patch.
I'm trying to bridge the wired and the wireless networks together vía 
FreeBSD, so I do this procedure:

1) The wired card (realtek rl0) is configured vía sysinstall to have a 
static IP address (currently, netmask ) and 
as a gateway and dns server, a windoze 98 machine with ICS (don't kick 
me, the stupid modem won't work with anything else)

2) The wireless 3com nic is started with the following commands:
cd /boot/kernel
kldload ath0 (I tried compiling it in the kernel but it would give errors)
ifconfig ath0 ssid earth mode 11g mediaopt hostap up

3) The bridge is set up with these commands (bridge support is compiled 
into my kernel as option BRIDGE ):
sysctl net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

4) The wireless computer (currently windoze 2000, hopefully FreeBSD 5.3 
will run on it and then I can get rid of Windoze) has been configured to 
have this static IP: , netmask, gateway &DNS

The problem is, from the wireless computer I can always ping and see the 
other computers, but the other way around does not work (I can't even 
ping the wireless computer from the wired ones, including the bridging 
one), and I can only connect to the internet from the wireless computer 
(and see that wireless computer from the other ones) when I'm contacting 
in some way the gateway computer (for example hearing a sound file 
stored in the gateway computer).

What could be the cause?

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the long message.


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