Using -current on a Fujitsu Lifebook N5010 (no Atheros 802.11, no Ethernet, + hard freezes)

Sam Leffler sam at
Wed Jul 21 09:06:00 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 12:04 am, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Jake Hamby wrote:

> >  * Now uses four transmission queues of varying priority instead of
> >  one: WME_AC_BE (highest), WME_AC_BK, WME_AC_VI, and WME_AC_VO
> >  (lowest). There is code in the Linux version to support QOS and
> >  insert outgoing packets into queue by priority, but I couldn't find
> >  the equivalent of the priority field from Linux's sk_buff struct in
> >  FreeBSD's equivalent ieee80211_frame struct. Currently all outgoing
> >  packets go to WME_AC_BE, except packets of type
> >  IEEE80211_FC0_TYPE_MGT, which go to WME_AC_VO.
> FreeBSD would store that information in what is called an mbuf tag.
> A separate small chunk of ram tagged onto teh first mbuf of the packet.
> This is relatively new and there is only just starting to be  some
> use of it.. Official QOS support in the kernel does not exist yet.
> (though there are some sporadic users of priority tags here and there
> it is not general yet.)

I backported the madwifi code and handled this with a hack.  The net80211 
layer parses the IP TOS bits to map to WME AC's.  Since there are only 4 AC's 
to map to and the info is passed directly to the drivers under the net80211 
layer I encoded them in the mbuf M_PROTO bits instead of using an m_tag.

I've already sent Jake a copy of my (unfinished) work in the hopes he'll see 
it through to commit-ready form.


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