Symbol Technologies Spectrum 24 pccard

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Sun Feb 29 13:28:28 PST 2004

"M. Warner Losh" <imp at> probably said:
>             Peter Radcliffe <pir at> writes:
> : It's a prism 2 card with symbol firmware. Hardly top of the line or
> : expensive.
> Last time I tested the symbol cards, they worked great.

I didn't say that they didn't, but they're not exactly top of the
line (which is what he said he was being offered).

However, on a related note, I have a symbol card taken from a base
station that is recognised with the following /etc/pccard.conf entry
on -stable (entry added by me);

  card "Symbol Technologies" "LA4111 Spectrum24 Wireless LAN PC Card"
          config	auto "wi" ?
          insert	/etc/pccard_ether $device start
          remove	/etc/pccard_ether $device stop

but when I try and use it the machine hangs, looks like an interrupt
storm.  Wakes up eventually after I remove the card.



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