X on Dell Inspiron 8500 is scaled to middle of screen

reed at reedmedia.net reed at reedmedia.net
Tue Feb 24 14:13:00 PST 2004

Using XFree86 4.3.0 from packages under 5.2 (i386).
XFree86 -configure created a config that worked
but the viewed display is only a small rectangle
in the middle of larger screen.

This is a Dell Inspiron 8500.
XFree86 detected it as a "nv".
The card is a Nvidia GeForce 4 4200.

Also tried the ports/x11/nvidia-driver
(built with -DWITHOUT_LINUX).
But that said something about couldn't load
kernel driver. Although the kldload nvidia
worked fine.

I found examples of XF86Config files for this
in this list, but didn't help.

The BIOS setting is set for LCD "expansion"
when changed then it shows the same small

Any ideas on how to get XFree86 with "nv"
(or other) to use the full screen?


Jeremy C. Reed
(please Cc me)

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