Recommendations for a 32-bit cardbus network card

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Tue Feb 24 12:42:21 PST 2004

> This may seem like a lame ass question, but I would appreciate a
> recommendation for a good 32-bit cardbus network card that will work
> on FreeBSD 5.X with ACPI running - and preferably one without a
> "dongle".

SMC and Linksys make great integrated CardBus adapters.  The SMC
adapters work with the dc(4) driver, and I do not recall the driver
the Linksys ones use (I think lnc(4) but don't quote me on that one).

I've got two of the SMC cards (8035TX and 8036TX) and they are
wonderful to use.  And I've also got a Linksys PCM100.  All three work
in FreeBSD 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2.

They don't use dongles, and they only take up one Type-II slot (unlike
the horrible Xircom cards that take up two Type-II slots).

I paid ~$50 CDN for the Linksys at FutureShop, the SMC were gifts.

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