Conceptronic C54 Wireless PCMCIA Cardbus support?

phanatix phanatix at
Mon Feb 23 19:01:36 PST 2004

Hi people, i need help here, i have a Toshiba laptop (Model 1410 Celeron1.8 - 256mbram - gf4mx) and i'm running 5.2.1 RC2. I have also a wireless pcmcia card "Conceptronic C54 Cardbus32 bit" and i think that it is based on the Intersil PRISM2 chip (am i right? i couldn't find further info about it)

The question is, is this card supported ? I heard FreeBSD 5.2 supports the latest 802.11g wireless adapters.. 

When i boot FreeBSD i get:

"cardbus0: <network,ethernet> at device 0.0 (no driver attached)"
"cbb0: Cardbus card activation failed"

You see, I get the same message when i remove and insert the pcmcia card while i "tail -f /var/log/messages" 

*cbb is kernel compiled and ACPI is on*

I wish i could somehow "attach" that missing driver, manually (?) i don't know..erm ..i really need wireless to access my Unniversity network, and that's what's keeping me away from running BSD full time with my Toshiba, i keep using WinXP to access Internet. So, should I buy a new one, or what ? 

Thanks in advance!


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