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Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Sun Feb 22 08:26:27 PST 2004

Neil Camara wrote:
> Richard Letts writes: 
> > On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Neil Camara wrote: 
> >> I am using Netgear MA311 PCI card on FreeBSD as my access point. It's down
> >> in my basement. I am only getting 2 bars in my workstation situated in 1st
> >> floor. Is there a way to make the signal much more stronger?
> > I picked up an external Omnidirection antenna from Frys last weekend for
> > my MA311 for about $30. I think it was a SMC or LynkSys, either way it
> > sits on top of my freeBSD box instead of burried in the tangle of wires at
> > the back and I get quite a lot more signal to the tivo box, and our
> > laptops.
> Can you show me where the URL link is? I want to try it. 

Just FYI, I've picked up a few bits and piece from a company in Florida
called "Fleeman Anderson & Bird."  They have a ton of stuff, including
panel antennas and many other things.  They're at

I'll bet they'll have something that will solve (or at least alleviate)
your problem.

I have no association with them, btw, I'm just a satisfied customer.
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