Story aabout wi weird errors

Neil Camara neil-on-mobile at
Fri Feb 20 00:48:37 PST 2004

Hey guys, 

Finally, my connection is super stable now. I think I was able to nail down 
the culprit. The issues I am talking about here is when the wi interface 
gets flooded like when we are doing an ftp to the same host that has the wi 
interface card. I noticed that when I downloaded a 4mb mp3 files. I lost my 
connection in Windows XP running WSFTP_LE in just 2% :( 

Here is the chronological order. Btw, same test using wsftp and same files. 

1. Previously, Primary 1.0.7 S 1.3.6, there were seek timeout issues
2. I upgraded it to 1.5.6 and the S that came with it, much more errors such 
as Busy won't clear bit. This is annoying since you can't do anything in 
your console. You will be only able to gain control once you start seeing 
unable to fill buffer on NIC 1546 bytes. Something like this.
3. Downgraded to 1.4.9 and was hoping that it will be stable. Same behavior 
as in number 2. 

These testings are done with the patch I found which was DELAY(1). This 
didn't help too. 

I actually almost gave up. 

Anyways, I also read somewhere about WEP issues. I modified my 
script to disable wep (wicontrol -e 0). I also modified my Windows XP's 
config wherein WEP was unchecked. So I got connectivity. Executed 12 windows 
of cmd.exe running simple ping. While ping where running, I also tested 
wsftp client. I REALLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It's working properly and it's not 
dropping my connection. Now, you will ask me, what about your security?! I 
did create a IPSec Policy using MMC in Windows XP, then I also created 
spdadd IPSec policy in FreeBSD plus, I installed racoon so that it can 
automatically exchange keys. I'm very happy now!!! 

I can say that there is a buffer code issue in WEP module. I wish I know how 
to low level code. But, anyways, this is my 2 cents. 

Have a great day guys. 


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