Fairly cheap prism 3 CF cards

Peter Radcliffe pir at pir.net
Thu Feb 19 14:51:13 PST 2004

In case anyone else is looking for cheap CF 802.11b cards that work with
FreeBSD, I just got one via ebay;

Arrived today, and is one of these;
Specificly a WL-672F.

shows up as this;
  Card "Wireless LAN"("11Mbps PC Card") [Version 01.02] []

Works with stock pccard.conf on -stable, shipped with firmware 1.04.09
and works in client mode and hostap with -stable (with the usual minor
timeout issues with that firmware rev).

I'm using it in the CF slot on my IBM X30 but it should work in any
random pcmica slot in an adaptor.



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