Pccard and ACPI

Phil Pereira phil at bsdnexus.com
Wed Feb 18 11:05:16 PST 2004

Hey all,

I seem to be experiencing a rather annoying situation. I recently installed
5.2-RELEASE on my laptop, which went fine - in fact, so well that ACPI can
now tell me how much time I have left on my battery!!!  :)

BUT (and there's always a 'BUT') I rebuilt my kernel with "oldcard" to use
the pccard functionality I need. The sad bit is that the pccard slots are
NOT detected when ACPI is enabled at bootup, but ARE enabled when ACPI is
disabled at boot. How come?

Is there a fix? Is it a bug? Will I have to spend the rest of my days either
booting to use my network card, or booting to see how much time I have left
with the battery?

Look forward to your replies


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