Satellite Pro 6100 Strange Behaviour

Darryl Barlow darrylb_au44 at
Wed Feb 11 18:48:33 PST 2004

I recently reinstalled FreeBSD 5.2 Release.  On
previous installation I had needed to set
enable_io_modes=0 both to install from CD and then to
boot the installed system.  However, this time it
installed flawlessly and then booted the system
without this option.  However, the next day FreeBSD
failed to boot, hanging at the usual AGP bridge line. 
Mystified, I booted from the install CD with no
problems and without setting io_modes=0.  Following
this succesfull boot from CD FreeBSD also booted from
the harddisk with no problems.  The next day
(yesterday) I can't boot the installed version at all.
 Setting io_modes=o gets me past the AGP bridge hang,
only to find that the boot then hangs on what looks
like loading the keyboard driver or at least around
that point.  I don't currently have access to the
machine to post the actual log.

Any ideas on this somewhat strange problem woudl be


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