WiFi Access Point Discovery Tools ?

Gary E. RAFE, Ph.D. rafege at mail.com
Thu Dec 30 17:24:29 PST 2004

Dan Pelleg <daniel+fbsdm at pelleg.org> wrote:

!It definitely works for me, using either a builtin mini-PCI (intel card
!using ipw) or PCCARD (lucent or US-robotics cards using wi). Further, I
!hardly ever need to do that manually since dhclient usually just DTRT for

OK, that's interesting.
So, theoretically, "wicontrol -i wiX -L" should list access points
that are within range of the WiFi device...
What kind of output should I expect from this ?

My kernel has "device wlan" and "device wi" compiled in
(I believe, since I'm away from notebook just now);
is anything else needed (kernel or userland) for "-L" to work ?
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