est, ich, cpufreq

Colin Percival colin.percival at
Thu Dec 16 18:33:08 PST 2004

Phillip Neumann wrote:
> Im wondering whats the difference between est and ich?  both softwares 
> has the same goals?

Different hardware support.  Enhanced Speedstep (aka. est) operates using
processor and VRM support only, whereas the original speedstep (ich) uses
chipset support.

Other minor benefits of est over ich include having more frequencies
available (typically 6 different frequencies, rather than 2), and having
faster transition between modes (10 microseconds vs. several milliseconds

> when will be a release of cpufreq?.. 

I'm not sure, Nate (victim CC) is the one working on this, last I heard.

> i understand, with it we can begin 
> to use our lappys for 4-5 housr without the power line?

If you install the right driver (eg, ich or est) then you should get the
improved battery life benefits which cpufreq would provide.

Colin Percival

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