FreeBSD 5.3 on Thinkpad X40

Daniel Roethlisberger daniel at
Tue Dec 14 07:47:10 PST 2004

Bengt Ahlgren <bengta at> [2004-12-13T23:26]:
> Switching to the external screen is not flawless.  [...]  There is
> also not (as of xorg 6.7.0) support for having both the internal and
> external screens on simultaneously, which is annoying when doing a
> presentation.

I did the manual upgrade to xorg 6.8.1 (using the 6c patch [1]) for
exactly this reason, which gave me a working dual head configuration,
but I am forced to use Option NoAccel because of a bug [2] in the i810
driver in 6.8.1.  As I am more interested in giving presentations than
in video performance, this does not concern me too much, though it is a
nuisance nonetheless.

I do hope there will be a fully working i810 driver soon, and DRI
support in the kernel would be nice too :)

Oh, and there is a CRT switching tool for this card on Linux named
i855crt [3] which might be of some interest if it can be ported to *BSD.
Haven't looked into it yet though.



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