suggestions wanted

Eric Anderson anderson at
Sat Dec 11 21:25:18 PST 2004

Jules Gilbert wrote:
> I want something I can run FreeBSD on, WITH good support for both 
> "hotspot" type cards and also I expect to purchase a deal from either 
> Sprint or Cingular for use with one of the service deals they offer.

Just FYI - I am using Cingular's GPRS data service with FreeBSD just 
fine with a Sony-Ericsson T637 phone with bluetooth (bluetooth + ppp + 
rfcomm + cingular).  They have what they call 'EDGE network' which is 
supposed to be broadband speed service, however I'm still messing with 
that (can't get that to work in Windows or FreeBSD yet)..

If anyone wants configs, let me know.


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