5.3 Startup with a beep

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at math.ntnu.no
Thu Dec 2 04:08:05 PST 2004

+ Mark Diekhans <markd at Kermodei.com>:

| Carsten Zimmermann <carp at hacksocke.de> writes:
| > I upgraded lately to a clean iso installed 5.3-R. From then, my laptop 
| > always gives an eeky "beeeeeeep" when the boot loader prompts. It was 
| > all silent with 5.2.1 and I'd like it to be that way again ;)
| I found this really annoying and dug into the code and patch it
| on my system.  The enclose patch gets rid of this. [...]
| If you can file a pr on this it would be great..

While I agree that the beep is annoying, and will probably employ your
patch on my laptop (thanks!), I might mention that the beep is
probably there for a good reason: As an aid to booting machines with
just a serial console attached.  See "Tips for Serial Console Users"
in INSTALL.TXT.  An easy option to installing a beepless boot loader
might be welcome, but making the default silent is probably not a good

- Harald

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