ACPI differences 4.10 - 5.3, laptop problem

Espen Tagestad espent at
Wed Dec 1 02:12:18 PST 2004

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 02:07:17PM -0500, John Baldwin wrote:
> Just a note: ACPI in 4.x is mostly a joke (I know, I did the backport).  All 
> it really does is make sure the power button works as well as the timer and 
> maybe simple CPU throttling.  The thermal stuff might work (fan control, 
> etc.) but it's not guaranteed.  ACPI in 5.x is much more mature though it 
> seems to have a problem on your particular machine.  Can you boot a 5.x 
> kernel with ACPI enabled over a serial console to capture the dmesg to a log 
> and e-mail it back?

Maybe it's just a joke, but it worked perfectly for me. It slowed down
the coolers (nearly stopped) when the laptop was doing lightweight
stuff, and started them up for full when doing harder work. Allthough,
suspend, resume and power off that didn't work at all, but that was good
enough for me. I just had to press the power down button for 4 seconds
to shut it down.

I don't have any serial cable where I'm sitting right now, but hopefully
I can arrange a screen capture from the boot with acpi enabled at the
end of this week.

I also have to mention that I upgraded the bios yesterday, but that
didn't do any good either.


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