new Nvidia drivers for FreeBSD

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Aug 18 08:58:30 PDT 2004

Dan Finn wrote:
> Looks like these were released a couple of days ago.  I got the
> drivers to compile and install w/o problem on 5.2.1.  The only problem
> I have found so far is that on any form of exit of X it hangs my Dell
> Inspiron 2650.  Does anyone know of a workaround or fix for this
> behavior?

My Toshiba Satellite S5100-603 with 5.2.1 has also hung on exiting
X before, but not always.  also uses nv driver. My entire log file of all
kernel & X config files & diagnostics etc is here BTW 
( as I have a bad memory so I document things instead ).

> I am also having trouble getting any resolution higher than 1024x768. 
> No matter what I set in the X config file it still runs the above
> resolution.  Does anyone have any experience with this on a Inspiron
> 2650.  Also if someone could provide the correct vertical refresh and
> horizontal sync settings I should be using that would be helpful.

I dont have a problem (now, but did) getting X at 1600x1200: I
fought X for ages, using xf86cfg in visual, then vi'ing, then a
friend told me: use -textmode, click on eg 1600x1200, accept high
freq. default values to do high res you know LCD will do, then tweak
with vi later.  Was a lot quicker than my earlier tweaks on a base
from initial visual mode.  BTW my toshiba manual states horiz freq
but not vert. maybe your dell manual will have some info ?  If you
don't have a paper manual: my Tosh. manual is also on XP recovery
CDROMs maybe you'll find a DELL manual on DELL cdrom. Good luck.

BTW, Off topic:
  I do have a problem with fxp0: timeouts.  I guess it may be Toshiba
  bios switching stuff off So I've got a while (1) sleep 2 ping -c
  1 evil but helps I guess. (I'll be looking later to see if there's
  any ports/ stuff to access BIOSes, as Toshiba doesn't give you
  BIOS at boot, & I'll also look at
  ( ... Hard for me to tell currently where my combo of ACPI, X/
  nv drivers & fxp0: timeout issues interact, hence mentioned here,
  rather than a seperate Subject: - sorry if it confuses, but I am
  too :-)

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