Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Fri Apr 16 09:35:44 PDT 2004

Kevin Oberman wrote:


> I have been running CURRENT on my everyday use laptop (IBM T30) for well
> over a year and it's been running well (except for suspend/resume
> issues) for some time. But I am now so used to any quirks introduced in
> CURRENT that I may no longer even notice them. So, if you run CURRENT on
> your laptop as a new user, you can provide valuable input on rough
> spots BEFORE V5 is declared STABLE. (Hint, hint.)

I've gotten a bit frustrated with submitting bug reports on -CURRENT. I understand
that the developers want to spend their time developing NEW software and features
and that they don't usually want to fix bugs unless the bug effects them personally
or they have a particular interest in it. I think -CURRENT has changed too much
from -STABLE at this point. I think it's too unstable.

I long for 5 stable because I think developers (at least some) will switch focus
and begin fixing bugs again. I submitted a ton of bug reports back in Jan 2004 and
Feb 2004. Most of them were ignored. I think 5-STABLE will change that.

Personally, I think there are three kinds of people who run -CURRENT:

1.) Developers
2.) People who want to play with or NEED the new features.
3.) People who think they are helping the project by submitting bug reports
    but who can't program, or can't debug hardware/kernel problems (this is me).

I think people in category #3 are getting the short end of the stick and
will continue to get the short end until 5-STABLE comes out. That's not
necessarilly a BAD thing. The developers certainly need to make progress.
But 5-STABLE needs to come out SOON (within a few months), IMO. Otherwise
I fear that people in category #3 will start going elsewhere. I'm already
starting to have visions of Linux on my laptop again...

And please, I understand that the developers and almost entirely made up of
selfless volunteers. I respect that. I'm just voicing my personal observation
about the current state of the project.

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