Symbol Technologies LA4111 Spectrum24 Wireless LAN

Scott Mitchell scott+freebsd at
Wed Apr 7 15:48:06 PDT 2004

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 09:50:21PM +0000, Schizik wrote:
> Hello, everyone!
> Here I got Intel Pro/Wireless 2011 AP  (802.11b)
> Today after reinstalling it to another room it fails booting.
> If I connect serial console cable to it I can see that it boots
> to system menu (even can select menu entries) and then
> reboots itself after 1-2 seconds
> (some kind of hardware watchdog may be)


This won't help you much, but I've had four of those APs die in very
similar circumstances - either after being moved between sites, or after
power outages.  They'd all been up for ~1 year prior to death, and it
seemed to be the power cycling that killed them.  They all behaved like
yours, rebooting continuously and refusing to talk to any network.  In at
least one case the pattern of LED flashes at power on indicated a RAM
failure, IIRC - I think these are documented in the manual, or on Intel's
website if not.  Anyway, they were all very dead and very out of warranty

I tried one of the cards in a laptop at the time and couldn't get it to
work either - this was a while ago though, so I assumed it was just not
supported.  Perhaps I should take another look at it.

> Any ideas??

Sadly I think your AP is dead, time to upgrade to .11g maybe?



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