wi hostap recently screwed.

David Gilbert dgilbert at dclg.ca
Tue Sep 23 21:00:56 PDT 2003

Obviously I don't understand enough about locks.  A recent (last week
or two) checkin screwed the wi driver such that it panic's saying that
ic_nodelock is used recursively first in line 525 and then in 547 of

On my own, I tried chaging line 87 to mtx_init() the lock with
MTX_RECURSE, but this causes the kernel to panic on line 472 saying
something about trying to spin.

I'm relatively certain that this is all only caused by hostap mode
... it doesn't appear to happen on my laptop (also running this week's

... Now, that said, some of my disassociation problems on the laptop
seem to have cured (associating with other access points) ...

So I need help with this really large bug in the wi code.


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