Shrinking WinXP-Pro slice on IBM ThinkPad T23 made it unbootable

CarHore carhore at
Sun Sep 21 21:55:26 PDT 2003

On an IBM ThinkPad T23 (2647-8NU: 128MB, 30GB), using
PartitionMagic 8.0, I tried reducing the size of the
first (NTFS: Windows XP Professional) slice from 27GB down
to 10GB.  5GB was in use.  The second slice is the hidden
slice containing the IBM Product Recovery program, for
re-installing Win XP Pro.

Unfortunately, an Error 4 ("Bad argument/parameter") occurred
during the resize operation.  Now, the machine cannot boot
Windows.  It can still start the IBM Product Recovery
program, so I could re-install Windows as a last resort.
DOS PartitionMagic gives an "Error 19 - At end of something"
for the first slice.

I've tried doing several informational/diagnostic things
and e-mailed the gory details to PowerQuest.  But in meantime,
I am interested to know if anyone:

- has had the exact same or similar problem; or

- has successfully/uneventfully shrunk the NTFS/WinXP-Pro slice,
  using an unpatched PartitionMagic 8.0, on an IBM T23 laptop,
  an IBM laptop, a laptop, or any other PC for that matter.


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