wi/wicontrol question

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov vova at sw.ru
Tue Oct 21 23:58:45 PDT 2003

Hi ppl

Is the way to get last packet signal quality for not ad-hoc connection ?

For ad-hoc I can run 'wicontrol -C' and see link quality numbers for
last received packet.

For BSS mode:
   'wicontrol -C' shows nothing
   'wicontrol -l' shows outdated stats 
              (it does not changed when link quality changed)
   'wicontrol -L' or -LL shows actual stats, but in this case it does 
reconnection to AP and it affects throughput and delays.

So, how to get cached link quality (signal/strength) values while BSS
mode ?

My intention is very simple, I want to do fine tuning of antenna
direction while simple script does loop { show_wi_stats; sleep(0.5s); }

This is pretty easy for ad-hoc but I do not know how to do this for BSS.

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov <vova at sw.ru>
SWsoft Inc.

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